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William Blake Oil Painting Reproductions

(1757-1827, English, Romantic) Biography

Ancient of Days painting reproduction, William Blake
Jacob's Ladder painting reproduction, William Blake
Pity painting reproduction, William Blake
Ancient of Days
William Blake
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Jacob's Ladder
William Blake
Gallery Price: $635.00
Our Price: $215.00
William Blake
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William Blake Paintings

William Blake was an English painter, printmaker, and poet. He was born in 1757, and he died in 1827. Blake was not recognized as much of an artist during his lifetime. In fact, because many of his works were controversial, he endured great criticism. William Blake paintings are considered to be part of the Pre-Romantic and Romantic movements.

Many William Blake paintings were influenced by his feelings about religion. Blake held the Bible as a sacred book, but he was extremely hostile toward all forms of organized religion. Paintings by William Blake were also influenced by the ambitions and ideals of the American and French Revolutions. Blake created his artwork based on what he "saw" in another world. He created much of his work using copper plates and a special etching method that he had developed. These prints were then painted with watercolors.

Some William Blake artwork resulted from visions Blake experienced. For example, his painting titled "The Ghost of a Flea" was the result of a vision he had in which a flea told him that human souls occasionally resided in fleas as a punishment for wickedness in a past life. Blake also claimed to have visions of Satan and other supernatural beings.

Much William Blake artwork uses Christian imagery, though much of it is frightening. However, he also painted other subjects, such as the physicist Newton. Though rejected in his day as an artist and often considered to be mad, William Blake paintings are now thought to be some of the most interesting and unique works ever created. Few other painters have created such imaginative and thought-provoking works. Not only that, but much William Blake artwork was created using techniques that Blake developed himself. In fact, because he and his wife used watercolors to color each of his prints, Blake could make two copies of the same print into different works of art.

Adding a William Blake painting to your collection is a great way to pay homage to this unique and imaginative genius. Because paintings by William Blake cover so many different subjects, it's easy to choose one that complements your home. If you're looking to purchase a reproduction of a William Blake painting, the best place to do that is here on www.artsheaven.com. A variety of paintings by William Blake are available for reasonable prices.

Including a William Blake painting in your home usually sparks conversation. Most of Blake's paintings inspire thought and consideration, so they make perfect conversation pieces. They are also very unique. Any William Blake painting is sure to stand out among the other works in your space.

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