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Take A Leap And Start An Art Collection

Collecting art of any kind can be fascinating, rewarding, addicting, and also very expensive. So if you are just contemplating starting an art collection, there are some questions you should ask yourself to make the process of amassing your collection as fun and rewarding as the art itself.

The first thing you might want to consider is what kind of artwork interests you. Do you admire striking sculptures, or do you love to hang beautiful oil paintings throughout your house? It is not unusual to find collectors of pottery, Native American jewelry, elegant hand blown glass, or hand carved wooden birds. Really it is up to you…any kind of art is game for a collector.

Maybe you just don’t know what you are passionate about yet…that’s ok. Just get out there, and hit the art scene. Today, most towns and cities are committed to bringing a focus and renewed interest to the arts in their area, by hosting monthly art events. This is a perfect time to visit galleries of all types, and get a sense for what you like. You may discover that there is a selection of local art that you didn’t know existed. As you gallery hop, you’ll soon realize that you are drawn to a certain style of art or a particular artist. But remember, choosing a piece of art is very subjective. The artwork that speaks to you may not be saying quite the same thing to someone else. This is normal. We all see something different in a piece of art, and no one opinion is right or wrong.

Another good way to get exposure to various styles of art and artists is by reading the many art magazines available today. These publications highlight award winning artists, as well as those who are just getting known nationally. Most artists today have websites, so you can peruse their art from the comfort of your living room, and immediately contact them about pieces that interest you.

Because collecting can involve spending large sums of money, you really need to know how much money you want to budget and how frequently you can afford to buy a piece of art. Many new collectors fall into the trap of thinking they should only focus on art that is going to increase in value. But future worth is tricky to predict, especially if you are buying from today’s contemporary artists. Now, if you are buying an original Van Gogh …different story.

Also, if budget is an issue and you would love to start collecting a particular artist’s work, you can always begin with prints done on archival paper or giclee reproductions on canvas, which many artists will gladly re-master. And if Claude Monet or Edgar Degas are your old world favorites, you may be surprised to find that many of today’s artists paint in a similar impressionistic style, and the best part is that you actually may be able to afford one these original paintings.

And the last bit of advice for a new collector is not to feel that you need to be an art expert before you can invest in a piece of artwork. The only thing you need to understand before purchasing a piece of art is that you love it!

About the Author:
Clare Tames is a self-employed freelance graphic designer, formidable cook, and avid reader. She written on contemporary and classical art in various print publications, and is just now beginning a writing career online. She works out of her home office in California, where her two children attend high school.

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