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Resource Guide to Painting

Painting is traditionally defined as a form of art in which colored mediums are applied to a surface with the intention of creating a visually appealing final product. As with other forms of art, painting is generally considered to have been around for quite a while - in fact, some evidence suggests that humans living as long as 30,000 years ago may have participated in the pastime. Early painters typically rendered paintings that discussed fights, changes in weather, or travels over a specific period of time. As paintings - and the individuals who produced them - began to evolve, they focused more on religious and civic events. For example, artists often produced paintings that represented images of gods or deities, or which portrayed the works of local leaders. Over time, a variety of different styles of paintings began to evolve. Some of the most well-known of all of these types of paintings include those that were done in the impressionist, surreal, romantic, and symbolic styles.

These different styles of paintings were used to reflect the personal beliefs, values, or circumstances of the individual who completed the art. While there may be small similarities between some of these styles, in general, they are quite individual and unique. Today, artistic paintings continue to be embraced by individuals living in all parts of the world. While most historic or exceptionally valuable paintings are kept in public museums, others are available for purchase by private buyers. Individuals who have a deep passion for painting often take up the activity themselves. People who are interested in learning how to paint may want to consult with an expert in the field to obtain additional guidance and recommendations. Professional artists or art instructors can serve as valuable resources when learning more about painting.

History of Painting

Painting for Beginners

Advanced Painting

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Painting for Kids

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