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Jan Vermeer Oil Painting Reproductions
(Dutch, Baroque, 1632-1675)

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Johannes Vermeer Paintings

Johannes, or Jan, Vermeer is a Dutch painter who worked during the Baroque period. He was born in the early 1600s, and he lived until 1675. He produced relatively few paintings, but the work he did produce is well-known and respected. Johannes Vermeer's paintings focused primarily on domestic scenes of life in the middle class.

Jan Vermeer's paintings utilized a technique known as pointillé, which involves applying paint to a canvas in loose, granular layers in order to produce transparency of colors. Vermeer paintings are also known for pearly, sparkling highlights, which may have been created using a primitive camera obscura. In addition, Johannes Vermeer's paintings incorporate exaggerated perspectives, and they often include interesting uses of optics.

Many of his oil paintings in existence utilize an expensive pigment known as lapis lazuli. Vermeer was the only artist in the seventeenth century to employ this pigment so lavishly. Not only did he use it to paint elements that would be that color naturally, but he also used it to enhance the natural colors of other elements. Vermeer art depicts a world more beautiful and perfect than it actually is, as no object depicted in Vermeer paintings appears entirely in its natural color.

Most Jan Vermeer artworks depict domestic scenes on the interior of a building or home, with the exception of two allegories and two cityscapes. Though he painted primarily middle-class subjects, he also depicted poor people, such as a milkmaid at work, as well as notable members of Dutch society. During his life, Jan Vermeer's paintings were not considered much of a collector's item. In fact, Vermeer died leaving his family in a substantial amount of debt. However, he is now considered one of the greatest painters to work in the Dutch Golden Age.

Owning Johannes Vermeer paintings is an excellent way to commemorate this man's life and work in your own home. Vermeer art reproductions can be purchased on artsheaven.com for a reasonable price and added to any room in your home. Having Vermeer art in your home adds a sense of elegance and style. Vermeer's scenes are intriguing, and you can choose from depictions of Dutch people from nearly every class of society.

Vermeer's paintings on canvas enhance any room in your home, but they can be especially beautiful in rooms decorated with hues of lapis lazuli since Vermeer incorporated this pigment in most of his paintings. Vermeer's paintings are perfect for the idealist art collector. They create an image of a beautiful world in which the colors of natural items are enhanced and improved.

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