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Gilbert Stuart

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Gilbert Stuart Oil Painting Reproductions (American, Portraitist, 1755-1828)

Gilbert Stuart Most Popular Paintings

Gilbert Stuart

George Washington

Gilbert Stuart

Thomas Jefferson

Gilbert Stuart

James Monroe

Gilbert Stuart

George Washington

Gilbert Stuart

George Washington

Gilbert Stuart Paintings

Gilbert Stuart is famous for his portraits of key American political figures, including George Washington, John Adams, and James Madison. Oddly, the most famous Gilbert Stuart work is an unfinished portrait of America's first president. The image begun in this Stuart painting is the same image as President Washington used on the United States dollar bill for over 100 years. For portrait collectors, Gilbert Stuart paintings are the cream of the crop, depicting key forces in the American Revolution and beyond with startling accuracy.

Gilbert Stuart was born December 3, 1755, in Rhode Island. Stuart's father was a Scottish immigrant who, like many others, fled to the colonies for a better life. Stuart, a natural artist, painted his first portrait at the tender age of 14. The famous portrait, Dr. Hunter's Spaniels is a prized part of all Gilbert Stuart works and hangs in the historical Hunter House mansion. This first painting began a long line of Gilbert Stuart paintings and landed Stuart a lucrative career until his death on July 9, 1828.

Portrait artists today study Gilbert Stuart and his work extensively. He is considered one of the finest portrait artists of all time. People looking to purchase his works will need to settle for replicas, as nearly all Gilbert Stuart paintings are hanging in museums primarily throughout the United States and Great Britain. Gilbert Stuart's legacy is so strong, he has been honored with a U.S. postage stamp, and his birth home is a historical museum featuring copies of Stuart's painting throughout the house.

Incredible lifelike portrayal aside, Gilbert Stuart made his legacy by being an easy artist to work with instead of exuding the all-to-common temperamental artist façade. President John Adams himself hated sitting for portraits. When sitting for Stuart's works, however, Adams said, " Speaking generally, no penance is like having one's picture done. You must sit in a constrained and unnatural position, which is a trial to the temper. But I should like to sit to Stuart from the first of January to the last of December, for he lets me do just what I please, and keeps me constantly amused by his conversation." Perhaps this is why so many Gilbert Stuart paintings are refreshingly natural and lifelike.

Portrait collectors looking to own a Gilbert Stuart masterpiece will have to settle for a replica. Fortunately, there are many artists who effectively recreate Gilbert Stuart's works. These artists specialize in the techniques and talents Stuart used when creating his portrayals of his subjects. Artists who specialize in reproducing Gilbert Stuart paintings work for Arts Heaven and can recreate many Stuart masterpieces for the home or office art collection.

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