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Gustav Klimt Oil Painting Reproductions – “Art is a line around your thoughts.” Gustav Klimt
(Austrian, Art Nouveau, 1862-1918)

Gustav Klimt Most Popular Paintings

Gustav Klimt

The Kiss

Gustav Klimt

Music I

Gustav Klimt

Beech Forest

Gustav Klimt

Apple Tree I

Gustav Klimt


Gustav Klimt


Gustav Klimt

Woman with Fan

Gustav Klimt Paintings

Gustav Klimt was an oil painter from Vienna, Austria who founded the Austrian Art Nouveau movement known as the Vienna Secession, which was geared toward unconventional young artists such as himself. He was born in the late 1800s, and he lived and worked until 1918. He is known primarily for his use of frank eroticism and sexuality in his works, symbolism, and the glorification of the female form. During his career, Gustav created murals, sketches, paintings, and other artistic pieces, but his oil paintings represent some of his best work.

Klimt's early works consisted of large murals painted in a naturalistic style. However, as time went on, Klimt's paintings became more innovative and imaginative. His most famous works are decorative and symbolic in nature. Gustav Klimt's paintings are known for their curling background patterns and lines, mosaic forms, translucent colors, and flat surfaces with no shadows.

Many popular Klimt paintings illustrate fable birds and animals, thus making them the perfect complement to spaces with a fairy-tale or fantasy theme. Gustav Klimt's paintings are usually exotic, and they often feature kaleidoscopes of radiant colors and floral or ornamental motifs. Some Klimt paintings seek to shed light on the secrets of the unconscious mind through the use of nudity and exposure. Other Gustav Klimt paintings seek to portray the beauty of the woman in different ways. Such Klimt works have depicted the woman as a femme fatale, as feminine, and also as amorous. Many of his paintings of women also focus on the importance of sexuality in life. Klimt's paintings of women are often shockingly beautiful, making them a popular choice among art collectors who like to make a statement in their homes.

Many of Klimt's greatest works were created in what came to be known as his "golden phase." During this time, Klimt used a great deal of gold in his paintings. Critics loved his gold phase, and his work became very successful during this time. While paintings from Klimt's gold phased can be recognized based on their use of striking gold coloring, his other trademark motifs, such as the use of the woman, sexuality, and fantasy, were also present in these works.

Klimt reproductions can make an excellent conversation piece in any home. A Klimt painting can also add a sense of beauty, style, and class to your space. Artsheaven.com offers a variety of Klimt reproductions for sale, so finding the right Klimt painting for your home is easy. Klimt reproductions provide you with the beauty and symbolism of Klimt's best works without the high price generally associated with an original Klimt painting.

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