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The Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York City, colloquially “the Met”, is the largest art museum in the United States. With 6,953,927 visitors to its three locations in 2018, it was the third most visited art museum in the world. Read more …

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Paintings

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York is located at 1000 Fifth Avenue in the beautiful metropolis of New York City. Historically, the Metropolitan Museum of Art began as a concept inspired in Paris in 1866. The goal was to create a national center of art as a means of exposing the American people to art and art education.

Today, visitors from all over the world visit museum and the metropolitan museum's famous paintings. Within the museum is a world-famous collection of European paintings that are made up of the works of masters who painted from the thirteenth century and into the nineteenth century. The Metropolitan Museum paintings include the largest collection of Dutch art that can be found in the Western hemisphere.

The Collections: The Metropolitan Museum's famous paintings include works by both El Greco and Francisco de Goya. In fact, the number of wonderful works that the Metropolitan Museum paintings by El Greco and Goya are reported to be second only to the collections found within Spain.

Visitors who come to see the Metropolitan Museum famous painting should expect to view works of art by Rembrandt, Georges Seurat, and Claude Monet, to name but a few of the masters who represent one of the worlds top collections of art.

The Metropolitan Museum paintings by Claude Monet include "Bouquet of Sunflowers" which is a colorful and masterful work of rich detail and vibrant hues that separate Monet from many other painters of his time. Other works by Monet include a wide selection of some of his breathtaking scenes of water lilies, portraits, and landscapes.

The Metropolitan Museum paintings by Georges Seurat include some very remarkable works of art. "The Forest at Pontaubert" is an amazing painting that draws you into the scene in a subtle way. It is as though you are standing amid the trees on a summer afternoon. So magical are the works of Seurat that one could spend an entire day lost the landscapes. His portraits are also amazing. "A Woman Fishing," which was created in 1884 is stunning.

In contrast to both Monet, and Seurat are the Metropolitan Museum paintings by Rembrandt. This Dutch Master has captured humanity in each of the portraits that he has painted. His use of color and light to create a feeling is incredible. The look that is captured in the eyes of his subject is hauntingly real. A favorite might be his "Self Portrait" from 1660, which captures the man in wonderfully warm detail.

The Metropolitan Museum's famous paintings are a rich collection that captures bits and pieces of history from around the world. Whether people come to study the clothing in the Metropolitan Museum's famous oil paintings, or to take away an express to be applied to a character in a play, the wealth of art housed here is beyond amazing. This is a place of inspiration where children should come to discover art and life through the examples of history's famous painters. The Metropolitan Museum paintings represent an opportunity that everyone should experience. This is a historical place with real-world experiences that can be translated into the daily lives of each of us. Live, learn, and grow when you visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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