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Rococo Paintings

Rococo art has a certain fancifulness that makes it well suited for display. The Rococo art period was an era in French art in the 18th century focused on depicting scenes of the domestic life of aristocrats. The period was a departure from the more extravagant and heavy style of the Baroque era. The Baroque era showed morality, dark colors, and heroism. Rococo paintings, on the other hand, are seen as being a self-indulgent and light-hearted look at aristocracy. A Rococo painting can be identified by its optimism that shows up in a lighthearted mood and its appealing use of pastel color. After starting in France, the Rococo movement branched out to briefly flourish around the world.

The use of curves, playfulness, movement, and extreme attention to detail found in Rococo art means hanging such paintings on the wall can transform a space. Instantly after hanging a famous Rococo painting reproduction, a room can appear more in balance, brighter, and lovely. Reproductions of original Rococo paintings are also inexpensive. Allowing these paintings to function as a low-cost way for history buffs to reflect upon and learn about an important time in history.

Rococo art can also be used to discuss the issues going on in France at the time. Rococo-style paintings were mainly symbolic, depicting carefree lifestyles of elaborately dressed aristocrats, often flirting or playing in imaginary settings. Themes involving love were common. Art and history teachers can use Rococo art period reproductions alongside Baroque art reproductions to discuss the changes in history that occurred during this time period. Artist discussions of these lovely wall pieces can also discuss the lack of scenes depicting peasants.

One of the reasons to purchase paintings from the Rococo art period is simply enjoyment. Oil reproductions of a Rococo painting are sensual and beautiful. Its focus on graceful lines and romantic themes makes it a delightful addition to a bedroom for girls or sitting rooms, garden rooms, or playrooms. A Rococo era work will also inspire fantasy and lively conversation when placed in libraries, above staircases, home offices, or in any other area of a home.

Owning Rococo paintings is also a great pairing with owning other forms of art inspired by this era. Rococo was more than just a style of art it was also a popular interior design look. Rococo furniture was meant to convey a look of luxury and elegance and often featured elaborate, decorative accents and ornate decorations like flower motifs. Reproductions and Rococo-inspired furniture looks, allow individuals to highlight Rococo style on their walls, and to create a stimulating discussion of the movement simply by comparing furnishings and art. Oil painting reproductions feature many popular Rococo artists including paintings by Jean-Honore Fragonard and portraits by Thomas Gainsborough.