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Renaissance Paintings

Owning a Renaissance art painting is not just a way to fill up empty wall space. The types of Renaissance paintings that an individual chooses to display say a lot about their character, values, and passions. It allows their walls to become a mirror of their personality and even their soul. Choosing to hang Renaissance artwork characterizes an individual who has a profound passion and affinity for some of the greatest works ever created. Oil paintings of these famous works are comparable to the originals, allowing individuals to appreciate fine art at economical rates.

Take Leonardo da Vinci as an example. Born in 1452, this quintessential “Renaissance Man” had extensive knowledge of light, shadowing, nature, and anatomy. He translated his knowledge in these areas to create three-dimensional characters with depth and form. Of course, owning an original work of Leonardo da Vinci or other famous Renaissance paintings is impossible because such works are worth millions and displayed in museums or private collections. Leonardo’s most famous work, the Mona Lisa, for instance, if ever up for sale, could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. An oil reproduction of the painting, however, offers the owner intimate access to the painting. A chance to see the portrait close up without having to visit the Louvre Museum in Paris, France where the original Renaissance artwork is kept.

There are numerous ideas on how to display a Renaissance art painting. Some Renaissance artists depicted a series of paintings or paintings with connected themes. For instance, Italian Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli's paintings The Birth of Venus and Mars and Venus both dealt with the Roman goddess of love and beauty. Venetian artist, Titian also depicted Venus in various paintings including Venus and AdonisFor large rooms, oil reproductions of these famous Renaissance paintings can be paired on the same wall for an intriguing display. The idea also works well with other themed Renaissance paintings. Other themes explored by Titian include portraits and mythological themes. Several of his paintings can be framed and hung on the wall to stimulate creative thought and used to teach children about the value and beauty of art.

Unlike language which separates, the visual nature of art allows it to stand as a universal medium of conveying thought and ideas. Renaissance artwork is among the most respected, discussed, and analyzed by art scholars, aficionados, and casual art fans. Oil reproductions of Renaissance paintings are preferred to prints because they reflect the highest quality. Oil paintings in the same medium as famous Renaissance paintings, reflect the intent of the original piece, providing a rich look and textured feel that is unmatched by other mediums. The price of a Renaissance art painting reproduction allows individuals to collect as many of these stunning masterpieces as they desire to enrich their cultural experiences and inspire creativity.

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