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Paul Klee

A Gate

Wassily Kandinsky

Accent in Pink

Charles Demuth

After All

Liubov Popova

Air Man Space

Francis Picabia


Wassily Kandinsky

Arabs I (Cemetery)

Wassily Kandinsky

Arch and Point

Theo Van Doesburg

Arithmetic Composition

Wassily Kandinsky

Around the Circle

Liubov Popova


Mark Rothko (inspired by)

Black and White and Grey

Wassily Kandinsky

Black Lines I

Wassily Kandinsky

Black Spot I

Mark Rothko (inspired by)

Black Stripe, Red Stripe

Mark Rothko (inspired by)

Black, White Stripe, Green On Pink

Mark Rothko (inspired by)

Blue and Pinks

Mark Rothko (inspired by)

Blue Shades on Light Brown

Mark Rothko (inspired by)

Blue Stripe, Orange Shades

Mark Rothko (inspired by)

Blue, Dark Blue and Orange

Mark Rothko (inspired by)

Blue, Fuschia Red and Pink

Mark Rothko (inspired by)

Blue, Orange and Gold

Mark Rothko (inspired by)

Blush Pink on White

Wassily Kandinsky

Bright Picture

Mark Rothko (inspired by)

Bright Yellow and Teal Blue

Modern Art / Abstract Paintings

The techniques used in oil paintings can be summarized according to location and history. The traditional oil painting techniques such as the ones used in abstract paintings would often start when the artist would sketch the subject through the use of charcoal on canvas. Sometimes, the artist would even use thinned paint oil in order to create a visible sketch of the subject. After sketching, the artist would then use oil paint, often with linseed oil, in order to create several mineral spirits which would then be reactive to several solvents. Once the mixture is done, the artist would add several more solvents in order to create a slower drying paint. Most of the best artists in the world applied a technique called fat over lean wherein additional layers of paints would contain more of the oil than the layer used in canvas. Applying more oil would cause proper drying within the canvas.

Aside from the drying process, the fat over lean technique in abstract oil paintings allows lesser peeling and cracking of the paint since there is an additional layer added within the canvas. In essence, the additional oil on the canvas would serve as a cushion that would be filled with oil. Some artists would apply this technique including the use of several other forms of media such as resins, different varnishes, and the traditional cold waxes. The added media would result in a form of adjustment on the canvas in order to control the translucency of the paint. The added media would also serve as the main factor for the density and body of the painting. Sometimes, the cold waxes and resins would even conceal the brushstroke of the painter, hence creating a more vivid effect on canvas. Such techniques are expressed in order to control the capacity of the oil that is placed on the canvas.

The other traditional methods in abstract paintings were the use of several paintbrushes. Paintbrushes were the original medium in canvas painting yet some artists would use rags or even palette knives. Both the rags and palette knives are helpful in controlling the oil-smeared in each stroke. The paintbrushes used by artists have a unique ability to remain flexible. The oil would also have an important part since it would need to remain wet longer than any other types of materials that the artist would be using. The oil would be the one to change the color, form, and texture of the sketched figure. Since oil dries to the process of oxidation, it will actually remain dry in just a span of two weeks. Upon drying, the artist would need to wait for at least 6 months to about a year in order to varnish his artwork. In reality, most abstract oil paintings are not considered totally dry until they have reached a ripe age of about 60 to 80 years of age. Their drying process would depend on the type of oil and varnish which was used by the artist.

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