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Our Painting Process

Our Meticulous Painting Process, We Pay Attention To All Details!

Our paintings start with quality artist's canvas, prepared and painted directly in our studio. After completion, the painting goes through the drying stage as a normal oil on canvas painting would. When it is ready for delivery, we inspect, pack and ship the painting directly to your door absolutely free. We do not have expensive salesman and middle-man. We do not buy and re-sell from other manufacturers, hence no artificial and inflated pricing. You'll get your custom ordered painting directly to your door from our studio.

We take our time to create the most accurate and detailed oil paintings on canvas that we can be proud of. All paintings go thru the traditional painting process where a canvas is primed, stretched on wooden bars and paint on artist studio easel. We do not just tack our canvas on wooden board and paint. A painting usually goes thru several stages and normally takes 3-4 weeks to complete. This is required to achieve the deep texture using multiple layers of brushstrokes over many days. The oil paint needs time to dry before new layers are added until finally, the painting comes to life with the finest details painted last.

Painting 1: Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

Painting 2: The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

Painting 3: The Return Of The Imperial Court by Edwin Lord Weeks

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  5 stars rating

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