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Fun Arts and Crafts for Kids

When you create art, a lot of emotion is put into it and the finished project is only to be admired. When you craft things, you also create something but often times these things are useful. Both arts and crafts use many different materials with one goal in mind: to make something great. Canvas, paint, pencils, plastics, clay, wood, steel, paper, tape, glue, are only a few materials used by artists and for crafts. The following links provide art and craft ideas using various different materials. These project ideas are suited for kids of all ages although some may require the assistance of an adult. Visit the links and start creating!

Crafts by Material

  • 3D Earth Paper Crafts – Paper can be cut, glued, and folded into many different shapes. This link will give you instructions on how to use paper to create the Earth in 3D.
  • Polymer Clay Crafts – Clay is similar to play dough. It can be molded to make all kinds of cool things and this link will show you how to use clay to make key chains, ornaments, and a mini book.
  • Cardboard Rocket – All you need is tape, scissors, cardboard, and something to write with to make this awesome cardboard rocket.
  • Pipe Cleaners: Playful Penguins – Pipe cleaners can be twisted, folded, and cut. They come in a lot of colors to let your imagination run wild. Try making these playful penguins and then see what other crafts you can make with pipe cleaners.
  • Popsicle Sticks – Use Popsicle sticks to make bridges, build houses, animals, boxes, picture frames and much, much more!
  • Recycled Craft Ideas – Did you know that instead of throwing away some household items, they can be used to make something new? Here you can learn how to turn an old dinner plate into a clock, things to make with empty cereal boxes, and making things with wood from trees. Some projects will require the help of your parents but these ideas can inspire you to come up with your own crafts using recycled materials.
  • Cotton: Baby Chicks – This instruction sheet will teach you how to make baby chicks using cotton balls, toilet paper rolls, and paper plates to make a chick mask. You can also use an egg carton to make a Mancala game.
  • Origami and Other Paper Crafts – Use paper to make mice, space ships, geometric shapes, and more.
  • Wood: Bat House – Wood is used to make many things. You may have used wood to make a bird house before but try this project and make a house for bats.

Craft Type

  • Clay Heart Necklaces – Jewelry can be made by using paper, string, wire, beads, and even clay. Try this project and make a clay heart necklace for yourself or you can make a lot of them and give them away as gifts.
  • Farm and Farm Animal Crafts – Make a footprint giraffe, peek-a-boo barn, sheep, pig, hand print chicken, and a paper plate cow.
  • Bromeliad – Use a paper cup to make a bromeliad and then put tadpoles inside and watch them grow.
  • Sidewalk Paint – Use these instructions to make sidewalk paint. When the project is finished you can go outside and create sidewalk masterpieces.
  • Fuzzy Koala Friend – If you like zoo animals you will have fun creating this koala using craft pom poms.
  • Tie Dye Shirt – A plain white t-shirt can turn into a colorful tie dye shirt after your parents help you with this craft project.
  • Fancy Shades – Turn your favorite sunglasses into fancy shades with this fun project idea.
  • Duct Tape Cell Phone Chair – Duct tape can be found in various colors and patterns. People have even used duct tape to create prom dresses! Start small with this chair that holds a cell phone or you can use it to hold other small items.
  • Icky Foam – Have your parents help you create this icky foam using a sandwich bag, shaving cream, and food coloring.
  • Drawing Tips – This website offers a lot of drawing tips from drawing cool eyes to drawing scary zombies.
  • Asian Elephant Foil Painting Craft – Do you like to paint? If so, you will enjoy this project. All you need is cardboard, glue, foil, and paint.
  • Music and Instrument Crafts – Let’s join the band! Better yet, let’s start our own. With these craft ideas you can make a box guitar, cymbals, maracas, tambourines, and drums.
  • Fabric: No-Sew Flowers – Beginners do not need to know how to sew to make these flowers using fabric.
  • Doll: No-Sew Felt Doll – Once you learn to sew, you can make almost anything using fabrics, even dolls. Try this no-sew doll before you start working with sewing machines.

Home and Garden

  • Lego Kitchen Crafts – Lego’s are a great way to be creative. These are some really cool Lego crafts you can make and display in the kitchen.
  • Rock Alphabet – Collecting rocks can be fun but using them to be creative is even better. Find smooth rocks and paint the alphabet, shapes, or animals on them. If you add magnets on the back you can also play with them on the refrigerator.
  • Soda Bottle Terrarium – With this cool project you can use a soda bottle to plant seeds and watch them grow.
  • Soapy Shapes – Make bath time even more fun by creating your own bath soap. You may need your parents help, but you can form soap into all kinds of fun shapes.
  • Fabric Covered Switch Plate – The plate that covers the light switch in your bedroom can be plain and boring. Pick out fabric in your favorite color, pattern, or sports theme and have your parents help you make this fabric covered light switch plate.
  • Cardboard Box Toys and Activities – Cardboard boxes can be use to create a lot of fun and interesting things. This link will give you 32 creative ideas to transform regular boxes into hours of playtime.
  • Lap Desk – Parents may need to help with getting this project started but you’ll love making this travel lap desk personal. This will be great to use for coloring, homework, and various other activities that require a hard surface to work on.
  • Garden CraftsParent Map gives 15 fun ideas for garden crafts. Some crafts include a beanpole teepee, a garden fairy village, and snail races.

Cards and Gifts

  • Card Crafts for Kids – Instead of buying cards to send to family and friends why not make your own? Try these great card crafts.
  • Gifts Kids Can Make – There are many things you can make and give away as gifts. Try these craft ideas and make bagtags, fabric flowers, clay birds, key rings, photo frames and more.

Holiday and Seasonal

  • Father’s Day: Rustic Frame – Scour the backyard for thin sticks and twigs. Then make this very cool rustic picture frame for dad for Father’s Day. He’ll love opening his homemade gift and seeing his favorite picture of the two of you together.
  • Mother’s Day: Thumb Print Heart Charm- If you aren’t sure what to get mom for Mother’s day, make her this charm using your thumbprint. She’ll love it!
  • Halloween Projects – Spiders, ghosts, goblins, and bats are scary fun. These are some great Halloween projects you can make to scare your parents.
  • Fourth of July – Make a pin wheel, flag, wreath, and construction paper fireworks to help celebrate the fourth of July.
  • Family Christmas Tree – Use cardboard and family photos to create this cool family Christmas tree.
  • Easter Egg Shell Mosaic – After you have peeled Easter eggs, use the colored shells to create mosaic works of art.
  • Spring: Fuzzy Chick Picture – Use yarn to help make this fuzzy spring chicken picture.
  • Summer: Make a Kite – Follow these instructions to make your own kite then head to the beach or part to have some fun.
  • Fall Crafts – Make a paper plate scarecrow, tissue paper corn, and a hand print wreath to decorate for the fall season.
  • Winter Crafts - Learn how to make snow covered branches, snowmen with glue bottles and much more.
  • Kwanzaa Crafts and Activities – Make a candle out of a toilet paper roll, a Kinara out of paper, and a hand print wreath to help celebrate Kwanzaa.
  • Hanukkah Crafts – Here are 14 easy Hanukkah project ideas.

By Age

  • Toddlers, Preschool, and Kindergarten – This website offers season, nursery rhyme, and various other craft ideas for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.
  • Preschool Art Activities – Here you can find season and anytime art activities for preschool aged children.
  • Crafts for Kindergarteners – Kindergarteners will love projects such as making pine cone bird feeders, bean mosaics, their own fossils, and being life-sized body stamps.
  • Polymer Clay Projects – Polymer clay is a lot of fun and it can be used to create just about anything. Here are some project ideas that teenagers are sure to enjoy.
  • Polymer Clay Projects – These polymer clay project ideas will be great for tweens.

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Clare Tames is a self-employed freelance graphic designer, formidable cook, and avid reader. She written on contemporary and classical art in various print publications, and is just now beginning a writing career online. She works out of her home office in California, where her two children attend high school. Expect more from her at ArtsHeaven.com and around the web, and, if you like, drop her a line at her Google+ page!

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