We provide this section to share ideas and techniques regarding framing and the finishing touches of your painting. In the process, you will achieve the museum quality workmanship at a very affordable price.

How to achieve a museum quality look?

To achieve the museum quality look, you will need to fit the painting with the perfect frame. Framing is very important as it add value and elegance to the whole painting. We always suggest our customers to spend as much as possible on the frame. Do not try to match the price of the frame with the purchase price of the painting; this is a mistake. Many of our customer spend as much as $300 to $600 for quality museum frame. Your painting will looked stunning fitted with the right frame and you will impress all your friends.

Final finishing touch

We suggest applying a layer of colorless varnish to the painting to protect and enhance. Varnishing is the professional recommended process to protect the painting from dirt, moisture and scuffing. Varnish comes in two types; matte and gloss. It is available at your local art supplies. We recommend “Grumbacher Damar Varnish” spray-on or “Winsor & Newton Dammar Varnish” brush-on. Please read and follow the direction from the manufacturer for best result.

grumbacher varnish
winsor newton dammar varnish


Do not varnish an oil painting until it is completely dry; usually 6-8 months. Even though a painting has a dry surface, it is still drying below the surface. Varnishing too soon after receiving your painting can result in cracking of the painting.