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Here's what our valued customers have to say about our beautiful oil painting reproductions on canvas.

Thomas Gainsborough, Master John Heathcote
Hi There, Today I received an amazing portrait of Master john Heathcote. This was my third order and I have always been extremely pleased. However this one made me very nervous because I was especially interested in the facial expression and attitude shown in the original painting by Gainesboro. Your artist captured it exactly right down to the slight grin on his face. I'm sure if I counted the hairs on his forehead, they would all be there. Its unbelievable. Thanks
Dennis M., Fayetteville, GA  

Salvador Dali, Christ of St. John of the Cross
Hi! This is Jordania! I would like to know who painted my painting! I'm very happy and pleased! It is magnificent!
Please somebody respond!
Thank you,
Jordania M., Miami, FL  

Jacques-Louis David, Napoleon at the St. Bernard Pass
OK, let's admit that we feel a little trepidation with purchasing an oil painting from so far away. Will it look silly? Will it be a waste of money? The particular painting I chose (Napoleon Crossing the Alps by Jacques-Louis David) has five different versions by the original artist so the concern was all the more. I wanted the brighter, orange-tinted version in which the horse's mane looks heroic and regal rather than scraggly and bedraggled. So I took a flyer and bought the painting. It looks gorgeous. The artist was extremely faithful to the original. I checked many minor details against photographs of the original and they are extraordinarily well-executed.

But even more impressive is the overall effect. There is something magnificent, grandiose, and inspiring about oil on canvas, and the total impression of having a "live" copy of the original instead of a print is how it makes your heart beat faster.
From a cautiously optimistic skeptic, I have become a pleasantly surprised customer, soon to be a repeat customer. Very well done, Art's Heaven, very well done.
Marc C., New York, NY  

Thomas Gainsborough, Cottage Girl with Dog and Pitcher
I have received my painting of GIRL WITH PITCHER I am delighted with the quality of the painting and canvas .It was a first class service from beginning to end I will be using your company again and would recommend you to other people .Once again thank you for an excellent service . This was a very easy to place order quality of art work was excellent we would recommend this company to future customers.
Margaret H., Sheffield England, UK  

Jacques-Louis David, Napoleon in his Study
Hello, I received the painting today and it is wonderful!! Great work!! We will be ordering more paintings soon!!
Karen S., Harrison Township, MI  

Custom Order Painting
We hope there is a way to tell the copyist that we are VERY pleased with the painting.
Thank you for the great service.
Peter T., Elizabeth, IL  

Jan Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl Earring
Gents, Thank you ever so much for such a perfect reproduction. I am very impressed with the quality of work and detail. I must say my wife had been wanting this painting for years and a print would never have equaled what you provided. You also were able to deliver before Christmas as I had asked. Thank you. I'm interested in having each of my four daughters painted (oil on canvas) for their birthdays as a gift to their mother. Would you be able to do this from a picture I email and if so at what cost? It would be three paintings before April 9th and one before August.
Thank you again,
Brian A., Lakeland, FL  

Wassily Kandinsky, Composition VIII (No. 8)
Upon receiving the painting, I would like to say it exceeded what I had hope for, the detail and quality are outstanding, during my search for a vender I was very concerned reading reports of poor workmanship, inferior products used, a whole realm of pitfalls without taking a risk. Please allow this response to inform you that I will be a returning customer, everything about the painting is better than I hoped for. Regards
Steve T., Woodburn, OR  

Diego Velazquez, Venus at Her Mirror
I purchased Venus at Her Mirror by Velazquez. It is a beautiful piece of work, we are very happy with the quality of this painting! Thank You,
Barbara C., Ransomville, NY  

Gilbert Stuart, George Washington
Dear Sir, I recieved the George Washington painting today and it is beautiful and meets my expectations. It arrived packed well and safe. and is now hanging. Thanks
Douglas M, Las Vegas, NV  

Raphael, Entombment
Sir Anthony Van Dyck, The Virgin Mary as Intercessor
Sir Anthony Van Dyck, The Resurrection of Christ
Annibale Carracci, Christ Appearing to Saint Peter on the Appian Way
Have received all four paintings and THEY ARE GREAT! Thank you and we will do business again.
Rannie B., Dallas, TX  

George Bellows, Blue Morning
Just thought I'd send you a quick e-mail to let you know that the above painting arrived today. It is absolutely amazing. I can't wait to see the look on my partner's face when he sees it, he'll be over the moon! Thank you ever so much. Kind Regards.
Helen H., Camberley Surrey, United Kingdom  

Claude Monet, Boulevard Des Capucines
Pierre-Auguste Renoir, The Rose Garden at Wargemont
After purchasing a Monet, the quality of the canvas, the richness of the paint textures, colors, and hues, as well as the painstakingly detailed replication of the original inspired me to buy a Renoir. The prices for this high quality cannot be matched by any other site. Who could ask for anything more?! Definitely recommending ArtsHeaven to my family, friends, co-workers, etc. Thank you.
J.M.C., Los Angeles, California  

Paul Gauguin, Arearea (Happiness)
Very good product, quick and courteous response to e mail; product very good value especially for us Brits whilst the dollar is in the doldrums!!
Patrick H., Yorkshire, United Kingdom  

Diego Velazquez, Allegorical Portrait of Philip IV
Dear sir or madam; I received the painting today and all i can say is WOW. I love it. Great work and i will be buying lots more. Regards
Robert F., London, UK  

Edward Hopper, Ground Swell
Hi, I just received my Hopper painting from you and I am absolutely thrilled! In fact the man at the framing store was so impressed with the quality that he called his friend, who is a Hopper fanatic to come in and see it!
I'm looking forward to ordering some more paintings over the next few weeks.
Michael G., Fort Lauderdale, FL  

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Customer Testimonials

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  5 stars rating

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