We specialize in a unique Aged & Cracked (Craquelure) process to make your painting look old just like the original. Most of our paintings can be ordered with the Aged & Cracked finish. The painting is painted on a specially prepared canvas along with special oils and techniques, resulting in a unique cracked (craquelure) effect which gives the painting a genuine aged appearance. Our Aged & Cracked Finish reproductions look so authentic you will be amazed. Take a look at the sample of aged and cracked paintings below to have an idea of how the painting will look when completed.

Please note: This process is not available for all paintings. It is suitable only for paintings with smooth surfaces and not for ones with thick, built-up brushstrokes such as Impressionist and Van Gogh’s paintings. Ordering our Aged & Cracked Finish for your painting is easy. If this process is available for a particular painting, then you will see the “Add Aged & Cracked Finish” option.