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Here's what our valued customers have to say about our beautiful oil painting reproductions on canvas.

Jews at the Wailing Wall, Gustav Bauernfeind
framed with Walnut Scoop with Gold Beads & Black Velvet Liner Gold Lip
We received the reproduction of Gustav Bauernfeind's "Jews at the Wailing Wall". We are very pleased with it. The delivery was on time and there was no damage. Please send our thanks to the artist who did this work - he or she did a fine job. The colors are vivid, the brushwork excellent, and there is truthful treatment of the original. The framing also is excellent, and the size we ordered is just right for the space we have in our home. We look forward to working with you in the future and will recommend Arts Heaven to our friends. Sincerely
Thomas S., St. George, Utah   

Impression Sunrise, Claude Monet
framed with Gold Ornate Fluting Frame and Black Velvet Liner Gold Lip
Just letting you know I received my painting, and it exceeded expectations. Its beautiful and I love it! Thanks and great work.
Charles W., Wheelersburg, OH   

The Falling Angel, Marc Chagall
framed with Torn Gold Scoop w/Ridges & Black Velvet Liner Gold Lip
Dear Sir, I recieved the falliing angel painting today and it is beautiful and meets my expectations. It arrived packed well and safe. and is now hanging. Thanks
Douglas M, Las Vegas, NV   

Eugene-Louis Boudin, Berck, Fisherwomen on the Beach, Low Tide
Winslow Homer, Boys in a Dory
Wow! What great paintings I got from artsheaven! I only wish I had more wall space and could order more! They arrived pretty quickly and look to my untrained eye as good as originals. The quality overall is top notch.
Catherine C., Naples, FL   

Count Robert de Montesquiou-Fezensac, Giovanni Boldini
Nobleman with his Hand on his Chest, El Greco
Received my paintings today and just wanted to say that they are absolutely fabulous!
I will order again soon! Thank you,
Robert M., Houston, TX   

Van Gogh, Prisoners Exercising (after Gustave Dore)
Dear, Arts Heaven
I have received the painting and must say it is absolutely fabulous. My wife likes it very much. Rest assured if I want another painting I will be coming to you for sure. I also want to apologize for being impatient and showing disrespect. I just had a awful x-mas and was feeling very low. The painting was a gift for my wife and we are more than satisfied.
Thank you so much. If there is anywhere I can give you a excellent review please let me know...also it arrived right on time. I'm so happy with it and your service provided with absolute professionalism. Thanks again. :)
Daniel F., Santa Clara, CA   

James Tissot, Room Overlooking the Harbour
This reproduction painting exceeded my expectations! The colors and brush strokes reflect those of the original painting very well. The price for this painting was very reasonable. The painting was finished and delivered to us within three weeks. I would not hesitate to do business again with this company.
Al Z., Veradale, WA   

Rene Magritte, The Son of Man
Gents, Thank you ever so much for such a perfect reproduction. I am very impressed with the quality of work and detail. I must say my wife had been wanting this painting for years and a print would never have equaled what you provided. You also were able to deliver before Christmas as I had asked. Thank you.
I'm interested in having each of my four daughters painted (oil on canvas) for their birthdays as a gift to their mother. Would you be able to do this from a picture I email and if so at what cost? It would be three paintings before April 9th and one before August.
Thank you again,
Brian A., Lakeland, FL   

Paul Klee, The Golden Fish
My copy of The Golden Fish (Paul Klee) came today and I give it Five Stars (out of five). Wife's birthday gift. You guys always do better than expected, a rare event nowadays. Thank you.
James A., Shoal Creek, AL   

Marc Chagall, White Crucifixion
Upon receiving the painting, I would like to say it exceeded what I had hope for, the detail and quality are outstanding, during my search for a vender I was very concerned reading reports of poor workmanship, inferior products used, a whole realm of pitfalls without taking a risk. Please allow this response to inform you that I will be a returning customer, everything about the painting is better than I hoped for. Regards
Steve T., Woodburn, OR   

Piet Mondrian, Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow
Received our order yesterday, which is well within the 3-4 weeks schedule. Art piece is neatly packed and well protected. Cant wait to frame up the piece and hang it up in our Mondrian theme home :)
Lim W. Wen, Singapore   

Nicholas Hilliard, Queen Elizabeth I
Paul Cezanne, Compotier, Pitcher, and Fruit (Nature morte)
Ben Nicholson, Painting, 1937
I wish there were a rating category beyond 5/excellent! I think the work of this company and its artists is quite extraordinary. I have now bought three very different oils: an abstract by Ben Nicholson, a still life by Cezanne, and an aged/cracked renaissance picture of Elizabeth I by Hilliard. All three are simply superb. I gave the Elizabeth to a friend in London and he was over the moon! I honestly don't know how Artsheaven can produce such remarkable quality so quickly at such a low price. I recommend them to everyone with the greatest possible enthusiasm.
Smith C., Portland, OR   

Leonardo Da Vinci, Mona Lisa
Hello! Just want to inform you that we have received your shipment of Mona Lisa (La Gioconda) today.
We just saw the lady for some minutes before we took her to get framed. It was a beauty thank you! So far we are very pleased and we can recommend you to our friends and maybe we will order some more.
Eddie G., Sweden   

Caravaggio, The Supper at Emmaus
Claude Monet, The Bridge at Argenteuil
Dear Arts Heaven,
We just received our Caravaggio's The Supper at Emmaus and Monet's The Bridge at Argenteuil..... We are speechless !!
Blown apart, this is the beginning of a long serving relationship with you as you provide the superior "better than gallery quality" paintings for our home in Rome Italy,
Fond Regards,
Christopher P., Roma LAZIO, Italy   

Gustav Klimt, The Kiss
Hi Arts Heaven,
Thank you so much for our painting of The Kiss - it is beautiful!
Happy New year! Joanna
Joanna C., Victoria, Australia   

Leonardo Da Vinci, Mona Lisa
My painting arrived today and I must say, it was well worth the wait. Thank you for the excellent work and please give the artist who performed the work my thanks and regards.
Dennis F., Katy, TX   

Joseph Mallord William Turner, Keelmen Heaving in Coals by Night
Hi. Today we received our order of the Turner painting, a mere 12 working days since ordering. We are absolutely delighted with the quality of the artist's reproduction and cannot wait to have it framed and on the wall. Once again, Arts Heaven has provided a wonderful painting and service and has a highly satisfied customer. We look forward to our next order with your wonderful company.
Kind regards
Adrian and Karen R., Bryanston, South Africa   

Gustav Klimt, The Kiss
Dear sirs, I just wanted to say that I received my painting, "The Kiss", this week and have to commend the talent of your artist! The painting is STUNNING I cannot wait to hang it on my wall. I researched sites and paintings for about a month before I placed my order. You have far exceeded my expectations and I look forward to working with you as I intend on placing more orders in the near future. Your professionalism was outstanding and, again, the work is simply amazing and of the highest quality.
Many thanks,
Derrika B., Worton, MD   

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Dance at Bougival
Received my order yesterday.... 'Dance at Bougival' / Renoir........I am thrilled with the colors ! Very authentic and it took my breath away as soon as I opened it.....I immediately took it to be framed.....so I can make it permanent in my Living Room ASAP !! I ordered this piece twice from other companies and returned both as the colors were not acceptable....Then I found you, online.....It is beautiful. I am pleased.
Regards....Can't wait to get it home.
Valerie D., Sarasota, FL   

Albrecht Durer, Self Portrait
Caravaggio, The Crucifixion of Saint Peter
I just wanted to take the time to send you a note of appreciation for EXCELLENCE! I recently ordered a Durer Self Portrait and a Carravagio both of which arrived in very short order. Having ordered once before from you and been pleased I was still somewhat 'nervous' on the results I might see on the latest paintings I ordered. When they arrived so quickly, I thought to myself "Uh-oh, not a good sign.....quick most probably means they will be disappointing". Not only were they not disappointing, they were just the opposite!!!!! I have been so pleased with the results that have so far exceeded my expectations! Your service and your artists are OUTSTANDING! I highly recommend you-hands down you are top notch with outstanding service and product! It is wonderful to find a company that EXCEEDS all expectations every time! I am a die-hard customer now!
Thank you again!
James Z., Plainfield, IL   

Gustav Klimt, The Kiss
I didn't have to actually contact them regarding anything, because they were so communicative on their own. I knew what my order status was the entire step of the way, and as a nearly exclusive e-commerce shopper I truly appreciated how smoothly the whole process went. As for the artwork - I ordered The Kiss by Gustave Klimt in the 36x36 size. It was a gift for my wife for our 5 year wedding anniversary, and she absolutely loves it. The quality is simply incredible, and makes our print-on-canvas copy of The Conversion of St.Paul look dull by comparison. If you are looking for an incredible hand-painted reproduction of artwork at a great price, look no further. Now to find the perfect frame...
Michael F., Melville, NY   

J. M. W. Turner, Peace Burial at Sea
J. M. W. Turner, Snowstorm
Claude Monet, Impression Sunrise
Dear Sir, I have received my orders. May I say how surprised I was at the superlative quality of all the paintings. They may be replicas, but they will certainly cause even those familiar with the artists to look very closely at them. Many thanks.
Peter G., Donaghadee, United Kingdom   

Vincent Van Gogh, Sunflowers (12 in a vase)
Vincent Van Gogh, Starry Night
Edgar Degas, The Tub
Edgar Degas, Rehearsal of Ballet on the Stage
Paintings looked lovely and were delivered in a timely manner after they were finished. We are repeat customers and will continue to be so.
Robert S., New York, NY   

Gustav Klimt, The Kiss
Hello! I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my painting. I received Klimt's "The Kiss" yesterday, and it was breathtaking to see it in person. I am truly very impressed with the workmanship, and my deepest compliments go out to the artist. I will definitely be ordering more from you in the near future and recommending your site to others!
Dr. Dave D., Boston, MA   

John William Waterhouse, The Shrine
I purchased "The Shrine" by John William Waterhouse. It is a beautiful piece of work, we are very happy with the quality of this painting! Thank You,
Barbara C., Ransomville, NY   

Felix Vallotton, Le Ballon
Hello, I just received my painting and it is pretty awesome. I just wanted to say "great work" to those involved and a special hats off to the artist! I didn't know what to expect in the beginning but I figured with your price being so low I could afford to take a risk. That risk payed off big time and I will definitely be ordering from you again in the future. How do you guys get such great work done for the price I paid?
Amazing... Thanks again,
Tony A., Cincinnati, Ohio   

Claude Monet, Water Lilies 1904
Gustav Klimt, The Kiss
I just had to write to you as I received my beautiful paintings today and I can't believe how beautiful they are. I ordered The Kiss (largest size) and one of Monet's Waterlilies (largest size) and they are both truly stunning. I also commend you on how quickly you managed to finish and ship them. Please pass on my sincere appreciation to the artists that painted my pieces. I have just placed an order for two more and will await them with eager anticipation. Thank you for the magnificent pieces and the wonderful service you provide.
Kind regards,
Lynne B., Canberra, Australia   

Pierre Auguste Renoir, Madame Georges Charpentier and her Children
Dear Sir/Madam;
I just received my painting today and I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge and thank everyone involved in the process. I was so impressed with the color rendition and the likeness to the original work of art as seen in books and on your website. Great work to all involved and especially to the artist who's work is awesome. I will purchase from them again as the buying experience was made simple and the product I received was great.
Vilma T., Howell, NJ   

Custom Order Painting
We hope there is a way to tell the copyist that we are VERY pleased with the painting.
Thank you for the great service.
Peter T., Elizabeth, IL   

Albert Bierstadt, In The Mountains
The last painting you did for me was fabulous. The owner of the shop where I had it framed wanted to know where I got it. I led her to your website. I think she will generate considerable sales for you.
Jay L., Tualatin, OR   

Thomas Gainsborough, Master John Heathcote
Hi There, Today I received an amazing portrait of Master john Heathcote. This was my third order and I have always been extremely pleased. However this one made me very nervous because I was especially interested in the facial expression and attitude shown in the original painting by Gainesboro. Your artist captured it exactly right down to the slight grin on his face. I'm sure if I counted the hairs on his forehead, they would all be there. Its unbelievable. Thanks
Dennis M., Fayetteville, GA   

Salvador Dali, Christ of St. John of the Cross
Hi! This is Jordania! I would like to know who painted my painting! I'm very happy and pleased! It is magnificent!
Please somebody respond!
Thank you,
Jordania M., Miami, FL   

Jacques-Louis David, Napoleon at the St. Bernard Pass
OK, let's admit that we feel a little trepidation with purchasing an oil painting from so far away. Will it look silly? Will it be a waste of money? The particular painting I chose (Napoleon Crossing the Alps by Jacques-Louis David) has five different versions by the original artist so the concern was all the more. I wanted the brighter, orange-tinted version in which the horse's mane looks heroic and regal rather than scraggly and bedraggled. So I took a flyer and bought the painting. It looks gorgeous. The artist was extremely faithful to the original. I checked many minor details against photographs of the original and they are extraordinarily well-executed.

But even more impressive is the overall effect. There is something magnificent, grandiose, and inspiring about oil on canvas, and the total impression of having a "live" copy of the original instead of a print is how it makes your heart beat faster.
From a cautiously optimistic skeptic, I have become a pleasantly surprised customer, soon to be a repeat customer. Very well done, Art's Heaven, very well done.
Marc C., New York, NY   

Thomas Gainsborough, Cottage Girl with Dog and Pitcher
I have received my painting of GIRL WITH PITCHER I am delighted with the quality of the painting and canvas .It was a first class service from beginning to end I will be using your company again and would recommend you to other people .Once again thank you for an excellent service . This was a very easy to place order quality of art work was excellent we would recommend this company to future customers.
Margaret H., Sheffield England, UK   

Jacques-Louis David, Napoleon in his Study
Hello, I received the painting today and it is wonderful!! Great work!! We will be ordering more paintings soon!!
Karen S., Harrison Township, MI   

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